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Neighbors Were Scared Of This Dog Until He Saved A Life – Simply Amazing!

Dog owners know how precious their dogs are. They are our best friends, they look after us, protect us, play with us… and even save us from life threatening dangers. Vietnam War Veteran Billy Collins can surely vouch for that in the video below. His 10 year old Boxer-Pitbull mix pet dog “Chance” with hip dysplasia , saved his life this summer… and the way he did it will AMAZE you! Watch the full video below for the full story…

When Chance saw his master fall down on the floor and started bleeding profusely, he tried waking him up… but Billy was out cold! So, Chance opened the screen door with his paw, and jumped the high chain link fence even though he had hip dysplasia, then started to bark incessantly at the neighbors door. Thankfully, they were there and they knew something was wrong.

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A Homeless Dog Living In A Trash Pile Gets Rescued And Then Does Something Amazing!

This video tells you the amazing story of Miley, the homeless dog. Miley has been living in a trash pile for many months, barely surviving from day to day. She was severely ill, suffering from Mange, Parasites, Bacterial Infections and Malnutrition. The rescue workers brought her to the vets and tried to treat her wounds. A few weeks later, what she did was simply AMAZING!

When I first saw Miley it was heartbreaking to look at her… all her wounds and infections! Clearly she was completely spent and it’s safe to assume she wouldn’t be able to make it on her own for much long. Thankfully the rescue workers found her before it’s too late. The kindness and care they showed for Miley is just amazing. And Miley also recognized their good intentions… You can see she was clearly comfortable around them. And in a few weeks she was almost healthy and got rid of her mange and infections.

But the thing that amazes me the most is that Miley started to show empathy for the dogs that have suffered a similar fate. She took little Frankie under her wing who was scared of everything due to all the abuse he had to suffer. She made Frankie a friend and helped him all the way she could. It’s just amazing, isn’t it!

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Video Source — YouTube


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This Dog Was Being Eaten By A Python…What His Owner Did Will Shock You!

We love our dogs and always try to ensure their safety. But I’m sure no pet owner in the world will have the courage to do what this man did when he saw his pet dog being eaten by a 16 feet PYTHON! The video on the NEXT PAGE will literally blow your mind!

The incident happened in Karnataka, India; the owner(name undisclosed) of the dog shockingly found his pet at the deadly clutches of the Python as it began to constrict its prey to death. He out of desperation started to hit the Python with a tree branch… [cont]

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This Stray Dog Followed A Man for 430 Miles And Then Something Amazing Happened!

Meet Arthur, The Stray Dog who has been the focus of worldwide news in the last few weeks and won millions of hearts with his wonderful display of loyalty. The video on the next page tells you the story of how he managed to follow a man through 430 miles of wilderness in the Amazon rain forest!

A Swedish Extreme Sports Team participated on The Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador where the team captain Mikael Lindnord fed this stray dog some meatballs as an act of kindness. But who knew the dog would immediately accept Mikael as his master and start following him everywhere! Through high mountains, long strenuous jungle hikes, through piles of knee-high mud and even through a wild river, the stray dog, now named Arthur, never left his side. The video on the next page tells Arthur’s amazing…

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This Dog Has Been Waiting 2 Years In The Hospital For Her Owner To Get Out…

Masha the Brown Dachshund dog has been waiting in the same hospital in Siberia since her owner died there about two years back. In this video below you will find her still waiting for her owner to come back, and doesn’t want to leave the hospital! Many locals have tried to take her home, but all in vain, because she keeps coming back! This video almost brought tears in my eyes…

I just can’t fathom the overwhelming love this little dog has for her late master. When her master was admitted on a ward in the Novosibirsk District Hospital, Masha was his only visitor. Now that he’s gone, loyal and heart-broken Masha refuses to leave.

Two years, two long years she has been waiting, in the same place, hoping that he’d come back. Masha’s wish is not going to come true of course, but we sure hope she finds another loving and caring owner to look after her.

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Soldier Reunites With Her Dog On Live TV – I Wasn’t Expecting This Reaction At First!

We all love our dogs, and they love us back ten fold! This video on the next page is the proof of the undying unconditional love that dogs have for their owners. Soldier Jempson back from her duty meets her Rhodesian Ridgeback dog Emma after a full year in the “Queen Latifah Show” and what transpired next is truly AMAZING!

The video made me laugh and cry at the same time and at first you can tell Emma the dog doesn’t quite know what is going on but it doesn’t take long for the surprise!

At first when Emma was brought into the room she was perhaps overwhelmed with all the people and lights and everything, she was like, “Oh hey stranger, hi!” But then when she remembered her owners smell she went crazy with sheer happiness! And that’s when tears rolled down my eyes along with all the audience present in the show.

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Brave Dog Saves His Owner From Burning House – Just Amazing How He Did It!

The video below tells the amazing story of a German Shepherd dog rescuing his owner from imminent danger with his bravery and intelligence. In early 2010, Ben Heinrich was working in his workshop next to his home when he accidentally triggered a gas leak that set the workshop along with his house on fire. He called 911 but he knew that time was of the essence… so he told his German Shepherd dog named Buddy to get help and the dog rushed off.

Miraculously, Buddy found the Dispatched Officer Terrence Shanigan who couldn’t find the location of the burning house as his GPS froze, and led the Alaskan State Trooper through the winding and remote back roads to the fire at his owner’s workshop, saving him with a wonderful display of heroism. This video footage below was recorded from the Officer’s patrol car dashboard camera, which shows exactly how the German Shepherd managed to help… what you’ll see will amaze you.

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Dog VS Grizzly Bear… This Is Pretty Amazing!

Dogs battling Grizzly bears is something we don’t hear in the news everyday… And it’s even more rare for such a sight to be captured in video… Yes… it is true! We got the video to prove it! Dogs VS Grizzly Bears! These brave dogs stood up to these bears 10 times their size and weight, just to protect their owners! And you won’t believe what happened next…

Henry the Schnauzer, Baby the Labrador Retriever and Crash the Spaniel, these three make one hell of a great team I must say! Their bravery and team work is nothing short of amazing! I mean, who would’ve known something like this could ever happen! For God’s sake, those were Grizzly Bears! 500 lb GRIZZLY BEARS!

And wait till you hear what Wikipedia says about the size of Grizzly Bears…

“Most adult female grizzlies weigh 130–200 kg (290–440 lb), while adult males weigh on average 180–360 kg (400–790 lb)! Average total length in this subspecies is 198 cm (6.50 ft), with an average shoulder height of 102 cm (3.35 ft)”

And guess what! The combined weight of these three brave dogs don’t even add upto a 150 lbs! Also overlooking the fact that Grizzlies are fierce predators, as if the stacks weren’t already stacked up high enough against our team of brave dogs. But they did manage to chase those bears away! Not just once, but multiple times!

Wow… that truly was something I never seen before… a sight to behold!

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Source — Youtube Channel of Discovery TV


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Is The Tiger Eating The Dog? Or Is The Dog Eating The Tiger?

Bengal Tigers – Fierce predators… Jack Russell Terrier – Just the cutest dogs ever! Now, what will happen if these two encounter each other? Will the Tiger eat the dog? Kill it? Can the dog be able to protect itself from a giant 200 pound Bengal tiger? Or will it make the tiger its play buddy? Watch the video below to find out, This will BLOW your mind!

The Fernandez family adopted Panjo – The Bengal Tiger when he was just a tiger cub! Without an actual tiger mother to look after him, they were a bit worried! Until their family Jack Russell Terrier dog took over the parenting duties! Now, This tiger and the Dog, they are simply the best of friends!

Did you watch them playing and fooling around, having a good time? Wow… this really amazes me how powerful a bond these creatures can share with each other! Its just MAGICAL!

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Video Source: Youtube Channel — BarCroft TV


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Fallen Soldier’s Family Finds His Puppy In Iraq – Then Something AMAZING happened!

This dog belonged to fallen army specialist Justin Rollins who was killed in Iraq.  ABC news ran a story about Justin in which they showed a photo of him holding a little pup the night before he was killed.  This inspired his parents to ask the army to help them find the dog and bring it home to them.

As fate would have it, the army was able to find the dog and bring it to Justin’s family in New Hampshire.  Now they have the dog that brought Justin so much happiness.  ABC news sent a camera crew over to interview the family and take some video of the dog and what happened next was simply amazing…  The video on the next page shows what happened: