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How This Brave Dog Protects A Pregnant Women Is Simply Amazing!


Dogs can be very very protective towards their owners, and the intensity of this behavior increases if their owner happens to be pregnant! Dogs are pack creatures, and it’s in their blood to protect the pack leader’s baby, which is in our case the owner’s baby. This video will show at what lengths dogs will go to protect their pregnant owner. Watch the video below…

The man was just trying to touch the belly of the mother, but the dog won’t let him! It’s apparent that the man meant no harm, he’s a friend… but the dog is soo protective, he won’t let anyone near his pregnant owner! The owner says that the dog is normally non aggressive but he completely changed when his owner became pregnant. He goes into a super protective mode when people try to touch her belly! Well, it seems nobody can harm them as long as this guardian angel is around!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of Cuties and Fuzzies

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