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Policeman Rescues A Dog Stuck In Fence… What The Dog Did Next Is Amazing!

Dogs get themselves in trouble all the time, don’t they! I guess their happy-go-lucky nature is to be blamed for that! Take this dog in the video on the NEXT PAGE for instance… he was stuck in a barbed wire fence and there was no way he could free himself.  You can tell he was in a lot of pain and very scared.  So, a good hearted police officer, who is also a dog lover came along to rescue him. But what the dog did next was simply AMAZING! Watch the video on the next page to see the officers uniform camera was able to capture…

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I remember adopting two adorable kittens when I went on a radio call years ago. The call came out as a robbery. I got there and the owner was overwhelmed with grief. He was sad that the robber scared off his pregnant persian cat. I tried to calm him down because I love animals too. (I love cats alot). So I did a follow call a few days later and he told me he found her. She had gotten so scared that she managed to get inside one of the walls! Long story short; I gotbto get two of the kittens and had them until they passed away 15 yrs later.

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