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This Huge Rottweiler Got Pregnant By A Tiny Terrier Dog! You Will Not Believe What The Puppies Look Like!



These little puppies are so cute and can you imagine the surprise of Pattersons!  Now in no way are we advocating irresponsible breeding.  That is a topic for another post in the future…however the pups have found wonderful homes and are being cared for dearly.

Here is the family out for a morning stroll!


Totally photogenic!  These little cute!  These little guys raise the bar on the cuteness scale!


cute_wotties_puppies_03 (1)


cute_wotties_puppies_07 (1)

So, I guess size doesn’t matter in love! What do you think? Have you heard of anything like this before? Let us know in the comments!

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Have a lovely day!



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