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[VIDEO] How A Pair Of 3D Printed Legs Saved The Dog’s Life!


Derby is a sweet and playful dog… but he was born with a disability… his front legs were underdeveloped. He couldn’t run like other dogs could, he could move about on his own but the disability was too much of an obstacle for him to lead a normal life. His original owners decided to get rid of him, so he ended up at the Peace and Paws Dog Rescue shelter in Hillsborough, N.H. Tara Anderson, the Director or 3d Systems heard of this story and decided to adopt Derby and help him run again. She built a pair of 3D printed legs that Derby could use… and with the help of this unique device, Derby ran for the first time in his life! Watch his amazing story in the video below…

Isn’t it simply amazing to see the dog get a second shot at life again! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him run with the help of those 3D printed legs! It’s beautiful to see people like Tara who try to help disabled dogs any way they can and make their lives better. I know doggie wheelchairs are a solution for this kind of disabled dogs, but this new 3D printer technology proves that we can always do better to help our lovable dogs… and this is just the beginning of such a wonderful invention.

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Video Courtesy: YouTube Channel of 3D Systems