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Blind Dog Adopts Sick Piglet… What Happened Next Is So BEAUTIFUL!


Sometimes our dogs do something so wonderful… we have a hard time finding words to describe the incident… This is one of those times. Henry the piglet was rescued from a factory farm when he was a few days old; he was weak and cold and would otherwise have died. But the blind dog Raffy adopted him and since then it has been a wonderful journey of friendship and love. Watch the video below to see how they bonded…

My heart just melted while watching this sweet video. Its so wonderful to see our dogs being such kind-hearted animals and saving other animals lives. Henry the sick piglet wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for Raffy the dog. This just goes to show again, how love and care can turn the life around of those in need. I wonder if my dog would ever adopt an animal in such a situation! Would your dog do? Let us know please… leave a comment below!

Video Courtesy: YouTube Channel of Emma Haswell