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Officers Respond To Dog Left Outside In Sub-Freezing Weather – Neighbor Tweeted Police

Police in Denver say a neighbor tweeted this photo of a dog seen curled up near a sliding glass door in sub-freezing temperatures.  The neighbor also tweeted the photo to 7NEWS who responded and aired a story on their website.  The Neighbor, Tonnee Lawrence tweeted the following: “What can we do? Called 311 & animal control, owners arent home 5°F #cowx #viral #help,”

Concerned people immediately started retweeting the photo. Lawrence gave 7 NEWS  the dog’s address, which we passed on to Denver Police. At 8:44 a.m., Denver Police said animal control was aware of the situation and that the dog had shelter available.

How do YOU feel about leaving your dog outside?  Was it ok for this neighbor to get involved?  Comment below and let us know.

Thanks to 7NEWS for reporting this.  To watch the complete story with video go here.

Source: 7News

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A 6-Year-Old Girl Could Not Speak, Until She Met This Pit Bull That Became Her Voice

Lacy is a 6 year-old girl who has severe Autism and cannot speak.  She is completely non-verbal her mother Amanda states.  The family adopted a Pit Bull named Karma who is now 9 years old and weighs 85 pounds.  Lacy and Karma are best friends and instinctively has tapped into the needs of this special child.  The video on the NEXT PAGE details this amazing story.

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This Dog From Utah Has Been Missing For 5 Years And Was Just Found In California – Amazing Story!

This cute little dog who has been missing for 5 years has just been returned to his owner.  Now 5 years seams like a long time but the story behind this is simply amazing.  You see this little dog ran away from his owner who lived in Utah…but was just found in California!

According to the Deseret News…”Jacob, or Jake, named after the John Wayne movie “Big Jake,” went missing from his home in Salt Lake City in March 2009. Jake’s owner, Rick Thomas, said he posted fliers and reported his dog as missing to Home Again, a pet microchip company. After about a year, he gave up looking, he said. “If he was still alive, someday he’d show up,” he thought.

Thomas’ ex-girlfriend, Anna Beck, tells a slightly different story: Beck says Jake, or Buddy, as she called him, kept running away. Because she bought the dog for Thomas, she received calls every time he ran. The final time he ran away, Thomas never came for him, she said, and a few weeks later, Jake ran again.

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See What Happens When This Soldier Surprises His Beagle Dog – Priceless!

Dogs are loyal and they miss people when they are gone.  There is no better example when this cute Beagle named buddy gets surprised by his owner, a Marine who had just got back from deployment. In this awesome and heart-warming video on the next page you will see what happens when Buddy gets the big surprise!  Big SMILE!

This Beagle Dog sure gets a surprise when his owner a U.S. Marine returns home from deployment!  I got goosebumps when I watched it so enjoy.

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Source: Youtube

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Homeless Dog Living In Trash Pile Gets Rescued And Then Does Something Amazing!

Dogs are very resilient.  They can can survive in all kinds of environments…not all of them are happy.  This dog was living under a dumpster for 11 months when Hope For Paws received a call.  In the video on the next page you will see every step of his rescue which starts out with him being very scared to eventually super happy!  In the video you can really feel the pain that this pooch as gone through and it’s nice to know there are people like Hope For Paws that care to rescue our friends.

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