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Heroic Pomeranian Saves Blind Chihuahua

Sandy the Pomeranian (10) managed to escape the house fire with owner, but ran back in to save her 13 year old friend, a Chihuahua named Tina.

Sandy ran to Tina and stayed with her until the firefighters arrived a few minutes later.

Their owner, Lily Ifield, was horrified when Sandy went back into the smoke-filled house.

“I thought my home was going to explode. There was just this big billowing cloud of black smoke. All I thought was ‘Oh my God’ and ran out. I couldn’t really see as there was smoke everywhere. It was confusing; I couldn’t ring anyone, because my phone was inside.

“I called sandy out and she was by my side, but the next thing I knew she had gone in to get Tina. She didn’t come out again and I was just crying.”

She added: “The firemen couldn’t believe Sandy went in to the smoke filled house to look for the little one.

“He said when he came in they were both sitting side-by-side in the kitchen and Sandy was looking after her. He was so brave he ran in not knowing if the house was going to go up and didn’t think of himself.”

Lily’s dogs (and parrot) escaped the fire unharmed.

“The dogs are best friends and Sandy is always looking after Tina. But after the fire they are even closer and they just cuddle up to each other,” Lily said.

The firefighter who brought the dogs out said “We got them out before there was a chance for them to be affected by smoke inhalation.

“The 13-year old one was the smallest C hihuahua you’ve ever seen. They were only going to come out together.”

Source: Express

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This Husky Broke Her Tail, Vet Said To “Let It Heal,” But The Next Day, She Was Rushed Into Surgery

Okuma is 14 months old, but has gone through more than most dogs ever will. She was playing in the yard, when her owner, Lance, heard her scream in pain and run into the house.

Lance got Okuma as a small puppy, and has trained her to go for help. He takes her fishing, and she can run the 5 miles to the nearest cabin to get help if he is ever hurt or stuck. She loves to go fishing with Lance and will get upset if he doesn’t take her with him. Apparently, she also loves gummy bears.

Obviously Lance loves his dog, so when she came running in, low to the ground, scrapes on her legs, and a bleeding nail, he took her to the vet right away.

“We have a good idea of what happened to our girl now upon further investigation of where she came running from. 100 yards behind our house through the woods our neighbours have 3 new Horses in a new pasture. Okuma had to have smelled them and decided to go say hello and was probably trampled,” Lance says on Okuma’s GoFundMe page. “She would never hurt a horse or chase one and probably only wanted to play (she always wants to play with everyone and anything) but the horses couldn’t have known, and acted like they should have to a animal running up to see them.”

At the vet, they discovered her tail had been broken at the base of her sacrum. She was in excruciating pain, so vet gave her some pain meds. The vet said to wait and see if she would recover. They went home, and the pain meds didn’t seem to help, and Lance could not get her to go to the bathroom.


Okuma refused to leave her owner’s side, and they spent the night with her head on his chest. Lance hoped that she would feel better in the morning, but things were worse. He took her out to try and go to the bathroom again, but she was in even more pain. He called the vet, and they said it would be 48-72 hours before the specialist would get back to them. Okuma couldn’t wait that long.


Lance turned to a facebook group of husky owners. He found someone at the Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center who could help. He sent them the x-rays.

“Within minutes she came back on the line and told me that this was really bad she needed immediate medical attention since the fracture looks like it could have severed all her nerves that control her functions to use the bathroom and will need to be seen to determine if surgery could not only fix the fracture and take away the pain but restore any nerve damage,” Lance said on Okuma’s GoFundMe page.

Surgery was the only thing to do. If Lance decided against surgery, Okuma might have needed to be put down. He would do anything to save his dog.


Fortunately, the surgery was successful and Okuma is recovering, although it may take a while. You can follow Okuma’s recovery on her GoFundMe page. 


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When This Dog is Finally Free From Chains, Her Reaction is Golden!

“Dogs Deserve Better” is a non-profit organization dedicated to freeing dogs and giving them a new and loving home.

One day they received a call about a family of 6 dogs that were always chained up, day and night. When the rescue group arrived, they were stunned. The dogs had only ever slept in mud, never a warm bed. They did not even have clean water to drink! It is sickening that things like this continue to happen.

Fortunately, Dogs Deserve Better showed up and saved the family, a father, a mother and her 3 puppies. One of the puppies had been rescued a couple weeks earlier.

Once the dogs were brought back to the clinic, they wanted to do something EXTRA special for the adult dogs. They hadn’t been off chain in a very long time. So Dogs Deserve Better decided to take them to a dog park. The way they react when they get off leash…well you will just have to see for yourself!

You can tell the mom is freaked out by the grass, because she hasn’t felt it in so long. She inches forward, expecting to be stopped by a chain. But once she realizes she isn’t tied to anything, she takes off running!



Such a great and energetic time she has! How can you not feel so happy for this dog and her family! You just smile the whole time watching her.

1st "Freedom Run" off of the Chain

KENTUCKY RESCUE UPDATE: We thought you would like to watch as these two make their first "freedom run" un tethered in the 6 acre field. You can almost see that magical second when it "clicked" and she realized she was unchained.Thanks to YOU this moment was possible. We still need to have them all vetted, vaccines, spayed, neutered, etc. Every penny helps! This donate link is set up for their Vet care. Please donate if you can – and share. Thank you!!

Posted by Dogs Deserve Better on Monday, January 4, 2016

It’s hard to believe that animal cruelty still exists when dogs are just so great. But together we can make a difference. Share if you think dogs don’t belong on chains!

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These Two Dogs Were Abandoned at the Dog Park, with a Note That Will Break Your Heart

Most dogs love going to the dog park. They can run, play, exercise and have fun. But for two huskies, Jayda and Layla, a trip to the dog park ended in heartbreak. Mona Ahmed, the manager of the dog park, received a call about two Huskies at the dog park.

The woman on the phone explained they had been left with a box. The box was full of toys and food, and a note. The note read:  “Our names are Jada (black) and Layla (brown),” the note said. “We are nice 1-year-old dogs. Please don’t split us up. Layla gets scared without her sister.”

Mona got in her car and drove to the park, where she found Jada and Layla wandering around the park, confused about where their owner went.

“I started asking people, ‘Does anybody know how long these Huskies have been here?’” Ahmed said. “People told me, ‘These Huskies were here at 5 o’clock.’ But now it was 8 o’clock. So these Huskies have been here for three hours, running in the dog park.

“Somebody said, ‘Yes, I saw [a woman] leave the Huskies behind. She just told us she’s going to the car, and she’ll be right back. So nobody really paid attention to the fact that she was really gone,’” Ahmed said.


Although Mona was upset about the situation, she was glad that someone had called. Otherwise, the two dogs could have been out all night long. “They could have jumped the fence and gotten hit by a car,” Ahmed said. “There is a very busy road right in front of the dog park. The speed limit is 50, but people go 65 or more.”

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Over the ten years she has managed the park, 13 dogs have been abandoned this same way. Mona has rescued and found homes for all of them.


“This makes me feel angry,” Ahmed said. “This is not the way you give dogs away. All they had to do was ask for help.”

According to The Dodo, “Ahmed, who also founded Fresno Furry Friends, an organization that offers spay and neuter services, took Jada and Layla into her care and placed them in a secure foster home. The Huskies, who Ahmed believes are sisters, hadn’t been spayed or microchipped, so she’s going to make sure this happens before they’re rehomed.”

“We want to find the right home for the dogs,” Ahmed said. Although, they seem to be doing very well at the foster home they live at.

“She is very interested in keeping them,” Ahmed said. “In a few days, I’ll go and do a home check and everything else.”


It looks like Jada and Layla have a bright future.

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This Dog Escaped Her Kennel, but Wait Until You Find Out Why

Maggie the dog was staying at a Canadian pet motel/foster care center. Maggie had had a litter of puppies previously, and was evidently missing them, based on what she did next.

When employees checked the security cameras, they noticed Maggie was outside of her kennel. She was lying in front of a kennel that had 2 scared little puppies. It was their first night in this new place.

“We’ve never really seen it before, where a dog sneaks out to some puppies and is so excited to see them.”

When they returned, they decided to let the dogs meet.

“She kind of directed Sandy to the puppies’ kennel so Sandy let her in and she was being really affectionate,” Aldred explains, “Sandy stayed in their for about 15 minutes and then said, ‘Well it looks like they need each other,’ and then let Maggie stay the night in their kennel.”

When they returned the next morning, they were still cuddled together.

PHOTO: Maggie, pictured, let herself out of her kennel to lay next to puppies that she heard crying at Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming in Alberta, Canada.

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These Dogs are Clones!

Meesha Kauffman loved her dog so much, she paid 50,000 dollars to clone him. She received 5 puppies, all genetically identical to her dog Bruce Wayne.

“I was expecting one puppy or maybe two,” Kauffman said. “When I heard that five puppies were born, I thought, ‘Wow, I hit the jackpot.’ Having five dogs has definitely been a lifestyle change. But goodness, they bring me so much joy I can’t imagine parting with any of them now.”

In Honor of her original dog, the clone puppies all have superhero names: Clark Kent (Superman), Peter Parker (Spiderman), Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and Tony Stark (Iron Man).

Clones of Bruce Wayne

But just because they are clones doesn’t mean they are identical in every way to Bruce Wayne. “What often is driving the transaction, I think, is that people want it to be a rebirth of their pet,” said Alan C. Regenberg of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics. “These cloned dogs are as similar to each other as identical twins, who are more similar to each other then people who aren’t identical twins, but they are also very unique.”

Clones of Bruce Wayne

“They’re not robotic copies of Bruce Wayne, but they’re more like him than they’re different,” Kauffman said. “They’re always doing something that makes me stop and say: ‘Oh my God, that’s exactly what Bruce would have done.’ ”

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Driver Pulls Over After Seeing Dog Scratching And Crying At A Box, What They Found Inside Made Their Heart Drop

Like anybody, we hate hearing stories about animal abuse, neglect, and cruelty. This is why we focus on stories with happy endings that show the joy of rescue and adoption.

This story begins with heartache, but because of a good Samaritan, this story has a happy ending. This good Samaritan was driving to work one day when something caught their attention. They pulled over on a road near Boonville, Missouri. It was a dog scratching and pawing at a cardboard box.

When they picked up the box, inside were 4 little puppies. The dog pawing the box was their mother, trying to free them without success.

The box was long and thin, with the puppies crammed in. They had no food or water, but fortunately being closed in together kept them warm from the cold.

The driver contacted Midwest Animal ResQ, and the puppies were taken to a medical center. If it wasn’t for this attentive person, these poor puppies might not have lasted much longer.

Fortunately, they are all doing much better now. Midwest Animal ResQ says:  “They have scabies, worms, and will need daily meds, and weekly injections, but otherwise are doing well!”

It is unknown who would do something like to the puppies and the mother. It completely breaks our hearts to think of what these dogs went through.

If you want to follow up with these little guys, go to Midwest Animal ResQ for more info.

We are very grateful to this rescuer for saving these little puppies and their mother. Thanks to them, this story had a happy ending.

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Rescuers Receive Call About Severely Neglected Dog, They Soon Realize It’s Not A Dog At All

“Usually we rescue dogs, but this time, I am pretty sure that we rescued a wolf-hybrid!!” says Eldad Hagar, one of the rescuers, on his flickr account. As they approached, they could see this animal was more wolf than dog. They named her Julia.

“Julia had an old rope tied to her which indicates to me that someone owned and neglected her to a criminal level… this poor girl was so swollen from infections, she was bleeding, pus was oozing from everywhere, and it’s hard to see because of this coat, but she is just skin and bones.”

“Lisa offered treats and worked slowly to gain Julia’s trust.”

“Even though Julia was so skinny and starved, she took food so gently.” This is when they grabbed the ‘lucky leash’ to rescue this poor girl. They needed to get Julia to a vet ASAP, her condition was so bad.

hope for paws

“Julia was a little unsure about hopping into a car, so we had to encourage her and explain to her that things are about to get AMAZINGLY BETTER :-)” Hagar said on his flickr account.

Click to the next page to see what happened at the clinic.

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A Cute Dog Or Tiny Ewok…You Decide…This is CUTE!


Meet Munchkin – the teddy bear puppy!  I was first exposed to this cute “Furball” on Youtube when my sister first showed me the video of him walking on a treadmill.  At first I thought… Hey that’s an Ewok… but quickly saw that gag…the costume.  And I smiled.

So one of my first thoughts were, “Hey is that responsible dog ownership…dressing your little guy up in an Ewok costume?”.  Apparently some think it’s not and have blasted social media with all kinds of animal abuse claims and such.  I did check out the comments from the people who shot the video and they said… (Continue to the next page to see the video)

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23 Things Your Dog Does When You Are Away… HILARIOUS!

Dogs have been our faithful companions for thousands of years! From the time of our great ancestors till now, we find them giving us company as well as protecting us from danger. But when we are not home, what do they do? Guard our house? Sleep? Empty the refrigerator?

Well, our friends at the have found these 23 things that our dogs do when we are away! I can’t believe how funny some of these are… Scroll down and watch the pictures below to find out what your dog does when you are away…

#1 Get The Toilet Papers Ready For You!


#2 Take A Bath!


#3 Clean The Dishes For You!


#4 Take Care Of The Pillow For You!


#5 Try To Be Friends With The Goldfish!


#6 Smile At The Neighbors!


#7 Clean The Windows!


#8 Protect The Fridge!


#9 Do Homework


#10 Redecorate Your House


#11 Ride A Pony


Move over to the next page to watch the rest of the images! 🙂