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This Dogs Welcoming Home Soldiers Video Is Just So Beautiful…

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Our brave soldiers miss their home while they are gone serving our country. But they are also missed by the family… and their beloved dogs. Dogs become very excited seeing their owners when they return home. They jump on them and express their happiness through an ecstatic way. What better way there is to be greeted with such passion by your best friend! Watch the video below, where dogs welcome soldiers home… this made me so emotional…

Wasn’t it beautiful to see the dogs welcome soldiers home in such a heart-warming way! Dogs have a conspicuous characteristic of licking their owners’ face when they want to show affection. It is because dogs only lick those things they consider very close of them. And considering their reaction, they indeed count us as really really close to them. After all, we are family!

I find it so beautiful that they can’t control their excitement when they meet their owners after a long gap. Every day you can notice as you go out, you find your dog sad; when you return home you find them very happy. But when the gap is too long, they become hyper-excited watching you and jump up and down to show you how happy they are to see you! Only can dog lovers understand this beautiful feeling.

Does your dog get just as excited while seeing you after a long time? Do let us know with your comments!

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Video courtesy: YouTube channel of funnyplox