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Fallen Soldier’s Family Finds His Puppy In Iraq – Then Something AMAZING happened!


Dogs can comfort our loved ones when they are far away from their families.  In the video below you will see how army specialist Justin Rollins had photos taken with his puppy the night before he was killed in Iraq. His family saw the photos on an ABC news report and asked the army to track down the puppy…now a dog and bring it to them so they could share in the joy their son felt on his last night.  This video is the amazing story of what happened.

So what do you think happened?  Comment below and tell us what you think.

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Source: Youtube

141 replies on “Fallen Soldier’s Family Finds His Puppy In Iraq – Then Something AMAZING happened!”

Thanks for your sacrifice Justin. You paid the ultimate price so idiots can freely say that it was not the same dog. Or the camera caught the light.True Americans thank you. .


It is the same dog you fools, exact same markings, as would be from a dog that has aged from puppy stage!!!!!! This is defo the same dog! & negative from this is not appreciated, that young boy lost his life, the poor Mother & Father lost a Son, this dog helps them, sure the sunshine was fate, but I do believe in Angels, now leave it be, unless you have something positive to say. That is the same dog defo, & the familys last ever thing to their fallen hero Son!!!

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