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Fallen Soldier’s Family Finds His Puppy In Iraq – Then Something AMAZING happened!

This dog belonged to fallen army specialist Justin Rollins who was killed in Iraq.  ABC news ran a story about Justin in which they showed a photo of him holding a little pup the night before he was killed.  This inspired his parents to ask the army to help them find the dog and bring it home to them.

As fate would have it, the army was able to find the dog and bring it to Justin’s family in New Hampshire.  Now they have the dog that brought Justin so much happiness.  ABC news sent a camera crew over to interview the family and take some video of the dog and what happened next was simply amazing…  The video on the next page shows what happened:

141 replies on “Fallen Soldier’s Family Finds His Puppy In Iraq – Then Something AMAZING happened!”

It’s not the same dog – I seen two puppies and the dog. One puppy has the brown patch on the opposite side of the grown dog and the other puppy has just the patch around the left eye.

Dog lover, you are obviously not a dog expert. The dog’s face is just turned the other way in the photo. It is the same dog. But besides that point, did you have to try to point out how freaking smart you are about puppy faces instead of thinking of the comfort this story gave to Justin’s family? Stupid…..

very sad person taking someones joy away after losing their loved one really does it matter

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