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Meet Corey, The Blind Dog Who Gets A New Life… This Is So Beautiful!


This is the story of Corey, a blind dog who has spent most of his life in a puppy mill. It is unknown how exactly Corey lost his vision. But it is true that he lived a long lonely life in a filthy puppy mill. Finally God sent someone for him who changed his life completely. Watch the video below to see how this blind dog finds real love and starts the life anew…

Her name is Dori. Dori, with her kind soul, decided that she would adopt the blind dog Corey from the puppy mill. The kind woman not only did adopt the poor dog but also gave him a better and beautiful life.

It seems that being blind is not a problem for this dachshund-dog because he can walk and navigate correctly. He plays with other dogs too. He doesn’t even run into things when he moves. So anyone can hardly believe that Corey is blind.

Dori’s close friend Janet has a boy named Callum who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy from his six months old. Since then he cannot stand and walk, he uses wheel chair all the time. When Callum and Corey meet for the first time, they immediately became friends. That is why Corey and Callum get along wonderfully. They love each other a lot. It’s simply beautiful to see this dog leaving behind his misfortune and now leaving a happy life helping others.

This is the story of Corey who gets a new life leaving behind the filthy puppy mill. What amazes us is that he didn’t even give up despite being blind. So this is very inspiring for all of us. We should come forward to help change the life of other dogs too. Be the first amongst your friends… Adopt a rescue dog! Make a change, be the change!

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Video courtesy: YouTube channel of hsus