Deaf and Blind Dog Rescues 3 Year Old

Aurora, a 3 year old, went missing after wandering away from her family property on a Friday night. Luckily for her, the family dog, a 17 year old Australian cattle dog named Max, followed her out into the wilderness. Saturday morning, 100 police officers, emergency workers, and members of the public were searching for her. […]

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Heroic Pomeranian Saves Blind Chihuahua

Sandy the Pomeranian (10) managed to escape the house fire with owner, but ran back in to save her 13 year old friend, a Chihuahua named Tina. Sandy ran to Tina and stayed with her until the firefighters arrived a few minutes later. Their owner, Lily Ifield, was horrified when Sandy went back into the […]

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Training Guide Dog Puppies

Have you ever wondered how they pick puppies that become guide dogs? Me too. The video below shows part of the process a puppy goes through in order to become a guide dog. This is how the National Guide Dog Center for the Blind (located in the U.K.) select their dogs. They begin at Puppy […]

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Are Dogs Smarter than Cats?

It’s an age old question: are dogs smarter than cats? Dogs can be trained to do a variety of tricks very well, cats are much harder to train. Yet cats are extremely skilled natural hunters with unlimited curiosity. A neuroscientist, a dog cognition expert, and a cat behavior researcher got together to answer the question. […]

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Lost Dog Found 4 Years Later

Bradley Wieferich thought it was a prank when he received a call from a microchip company telling him his dog had been found in Toledo four years after she ran away. Toledo is more than a hundred miles away from his home. “I was stunned,” Bradley said. Toledo police found his dog, Bambi, wandering around […]

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He Arrives Home To Dog Acting Strangely — Then He Sees What’s Hiding In The Bath Tub

Imgur user squishiepeaches owns a dog named Crosby. There were previously two other animals, a dog and a cat, but they both passed away. At first, Crosby’s owner thought that we  was fine with being the only animal in the house. “This is Crosby. He is the best good boy,” squishiepeachies said on Imgur. “About 6-months-ago, […]

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This Husky Broke Her Tail, Vet Said To “Let It Heal,” But The Next Day, She Was Rushed Into Surgery

Okuma is 14 months old, but has gone through more than most dogs ever will. She was playing in the yard, when her owner, Lance, heard her scream in pain and run into the house. Lance got Okuma as a small puppy, and has trained her to go for help. He takes her fishing, and […]

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When This Dog is Finally Free From Chains, Her Reaction is Golden!

“Dogs Deserve Better” is a non-profit organization dedicated to freeing dogs and giving them a new and loving home. One day they received a call about a family of 6 dogs that were always chained up, day and night. When the rescue group arrived, they were stunned. The dogs had only ever slept in mud, […]

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These Two Dogs Were Abandoned at the Dog Park, with a Note That Will Break Your Heart

Most dogs love going to the dog park. They can run, play, exercise and have fun. But for two huskies, Jayda and Layla, a trip to the dog park ended in heartbreak. Mona Ahmed, the manager of the dog park, received a call about two Huskies at the dog park. The woman on the phone […]

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Shelter Dog Moves into New Home and is So Excited When She Discovers What is in the Backyard

When a dog finally gets adopted from a shelter, it’s hard to imagine what is going through their minds. It must be such a relief to be out of a kennel, find someone who loves you, and to move into a nice home. For some adopted dogs, they have never seen grass, or been outside […]

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