This German Shepherd Attends Church Daily On His Own… The Reason Why Will Make You Cry…

We are blessed by the company of our loyal and faithful friends sent by God in the form of dogs… Dogs are our inseparable friends in all our weal and woe. And it is a difficult phase of our life when we lose these friends. But sometimes, it is the dog who loses us. But […]

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Separated From Her Original Owner, This Dog Cried When She Was Reunited

  So, when was the last time you left your dog and went somewhere for a long time? Do you remember the reaction you got from your dog when you returned home? Perhaps, this video can help you remember. The video literally made my eyes full of tears. The dog was separated from her owners […]

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Pit Bull Saves Baby And The Family From Burglars… This is why they are so AWESOME!

Our beloved dogs save us from so many unwanted dangers. This time it is from a burglary. The incident of robbery can be very much life threatening to anybody… It may cause catastrophe to life. But this family was threatened to even greater extents when the burglars decided to take away their little baby! But […]

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The Cutest Pack Of Husky Puppies Howling For The First Time… This Is TOO CUTE!

  When you’re the lucky owner of a cute little puppy it is just the best feeling in the world! Their growing up in front of us is such a pleasure. As you already know, Siberian husky is a very beautiful breed of dog with their wonderfully coated furs and blue eyes. And their defining […]

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D12 The Little Wiener Do Not Want The Mess.So He Is The Prisoner….

The Trick That Identifies If Your Weiner Pup Is A Smarty-Pants!

  Reading the title you may find it intriguing… How can you find out if your wiener dog is dumb or smart! Aren’t they all supposed to be the same? Well, apparently not… and this video will help you understand how you can use a simple trick to find out if your wiener is a […]

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What This Cute Dog Does For A Treat Is Just SO CUTE!

You probably own a beautiful dog. He plays with you with his whole heart. And you’ve also probably taught him a few cool tricks with the help of doggy treats… But did you ever find him performing a dance routine before you for the treats? Well, this will make you laugh out loud…watch the video […]

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Owner Grants A Dying Dog’s Lifelong Wish

My heart is touched when I hear a story like this.  Sunshade, a 13-year old dog was diagnosed with cancer.  Her owner wanted to give her the best memories in the final few months of her life and decided to grant her wish to have a guinea pig.  Yes you heard me right…a guinea pig. […]

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D23 Dog Swallows Rings Worth $23000!

Dog Swallows Rings Worth $23,000…OOPS!

Sometimes our beloved dogs eat things that they’re not supposed to… But how would you feel if your wedding ring was eaten by your dear dog? Of course, you wouldn’t know, cause it has happened only once in the history of mankind! When Sierra – the black Labrador dog ate her owner’s two wedding rings… […]

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Blind Dog Adopts Sick Piglet… What Happened Next Is So BEAUTIFUL!

Sometimes our dogs do something so wonderful… we have a hard time finding words to describe the incident… This is one of those times. Henry the piglet was rescued from a factory farm when he was a few days old; he was weak and cold and would otherwise have died. But the blind dog Raffy […]

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These Baby Chicks Were Abandoned Until This Mother Dog Adopted Them!

We see our dogs making all kinds of friends! But what this dog did to these little chicks literally made me speechless! When these 10 chicks lost their mother and turned up on the doorsteps of Bailey the dog, the friendly canine simply adopted those orphan chicks! I have never seen a dog adopt baby […]

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