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The Lies You’ve Been Told About Pit Bulls! – This Opened My Eyes…


Probably no other dog breed in the world is as much misunderstood as Pit Bulls. Most people’s first thought is illegal dog fighting, and popular misbelief about their aggression, Many people believe things about Pit Bulls which are not true. So, social news site Buzzfeed created this video to bust all the myths we know about Pitbulls and get our facts straight! Watch the video below…

If you believed Pit Bulls to be really aggressive and unpredictable, then think again! They can be really mild-mannered and trainable dogs… but your dogs behavior will be based on how you’ve brought him up. With the right owner and right way of training, Pit Bulls will never harm anyone. So, the next time you see a Pit Bull, think again before you label it as aggressive!

How was your experience around Pitbulls? Let us know what you think!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of BuzzFeed

53 replies on “The Lies You’ve Been Told About Pit Bulls! – This Opened My Eyes…”

I work in television news and ive edited countless stories on pitbulls suddenly turning on their owner, child and other dogs. Dogs are “unpredictable”, from a chihuahua to Pit, BUT a Pitbull has the ability to kill you, because of that i will never own one or let one near my dogs. If i see one on the street I’ll ask its owner if i can pet it because i love all dogs, but i will be a little nervous while i pet it.

Other people have the ability to kill you but you still go near them! So can cars,so can the weather, and hell anything can do I need keep going or can you call yourself and idiot now?

Any larget dog has the ability to kill you and German Shepard have a far.more dangerous bite than pit bulls
Another fine example of media, bee o c sardi.

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