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This Dog Fell Through The Ice and Was Freezing…What This Man Did To Save Him Was Just Amazing!


Dogs get themselves in all kinds of trouble, don’t they! But sometimes they can get stuck in life-threatening situations. That’s when we get to see some of the bravest and kindest people among us. This video is a live footage captured from a dog rescue mission… the poor dog was stuck in a frozen lake and would’ve died of hypothermia. But then help arrived… and how these brave men saved the poor dog is just the most amazing thing you’ll ever see. Watch the thrilling rescue video below…

When body temperature starts to fall alarmingly low, internal organs stop functioning… this phenomena known as Hypothermia can potentially kill the unfortunate animal. Thankfully the rescue team arrived on time and risked their own lives to save the helpless dog. The dog knew she was about to get help, and tried to remain still so that they can rescue her easily. She was then rushed to a local medical center and received immediate medical attention. We sure hope no other dog gets in such a mess again! But if they do, we will be there to help because they are our best friends!

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Source of the Video: YouTube

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