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This Guy Copies His Dogs Every Move… And It’s HILARIOUS!

D22 Get Belly Laugh By Watching How A Dog Is Mimicked

A dog is more than just a pet. They are our company in our bad days, also in our good days. One couldn’t simply imagine what would have happened had they not come into our life! They are the source of happiness for most of us. So, what’ll happen if a dog owner decides to mimic his dogs every move? Well, let me give you the answer: It’s HILARIOUS! See what happens, when this boy mimics his dog’s barking and walking…. The funny moment was recorded in the video below…

What do you think about what makes the boy take the mickey out of his dog… It was love. Of course, it is love that is significantly present in between them. The love and moments they have shared together finally leads to the moment when the boy mimicking his dog. And it was real fun. The fun and laugh that have us to have a real belly laugh.

Strange thing is that the dog understands that the boy is making fun of him. He is no less than him. So he also lets the drama go on. He licks on the boy’s tongue to spark the light. The boy barks and then the dog barks as well. The boy puts his head underneath the dog. The dog copies it the same way. Yes, it shows how strong their love and friendship is!

What do you think of this cool video? Would you ever try to do this with your dog? Leave your comments below… Let us know what you think!

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Video courtesy: YouTube channel of Wiktor Krämer