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These 18 Hilarious Dog Shaming Photos Of Corgi Puppies Are Just SO CUTE…and FUNNY.


Welsh Corgi might just be one of the most cutest dog breeds there is, but they are also not far behind when it comes to naughty behavior. Check these 18 photos out, these corgi pups are not only cute little furballs that you can cuddle all day… but these are some of the most mischievous little pricks that you can ever find! But they made me smile anyways…!

Thanks to the awesome guys at for compiling these awesome pictures for us to share with you. Scroll down and watch the cute photos below… 

#1 Hair, hair everywhere!


Image via Dogshaming

#2 “Oh… I didn’t know you wanted to make sandwiches!”


 Image via Gorbach

#3 “Look Mum, I’ll be a snow plow in the fancy dress competition!”


Image via Imgur

#4 “I don’t like wearing this cone contraption, but I like chewing on them!”


Image via Imgur

#5 “This is my creepy face!”


Image via Imgur

#6 A huge pain in the bum. Literally.


Image via Dogshaming

#7 “Now you can’t do the dishes, so why don’t we got out and play?”


Image via Reddit

#8 “Don’t go, please! I still have loads of fun to do with you!”


Image via The Chive

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