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He Set Up A Night Vision Camera To Capture What His Pit Bull Does To Wake Him Up… Cute!

  Being a dog owner you might’ve already experienced the weird things your dogs do to wake you up in the morning. That is very affectionate and caring of them… But the only problem is, in their eyes morning starts way too early! So, when “Grey” the Pit Bull dog was waking her owner up […]

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Boy With Traumatic Brain Injury Has His Life Turned Around Because Of A Dog… When I Saw How, It Moved Me To Tears!

6-year old Caleb Howard survived a fatal head-on auto collision, but at the expense of a traumatic brain injury. The impact of the head-on collision resulted in the death of millions and millions of his brain cells. Caleb was recovering slowly, with very minute progress to reach full functionality. But then, a Golden Retriever met […]

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D20 The New Life Of Miley. New Hope For Many Others. Amazing Video To Watch

Neglected And Abused Street Dog Saved By A Man… One Year Later, He Was Surprised!

Life is difficult for street dogs. With no one to care for them, their constant struggle for food, safety and a place to stay can sometimes be overwhelming and take a toll on their health. Miley was such a street dog… neglected and abused this street dog has lost all the hopes to live. But […]

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Baby Getting Nurtured By Dog… And He Wants More! This Is SOO CUTE!

If you’ve been one of those lucky people who raised a baby along with a dog, you’d probably know how awesome it is to watch your kids bond with the dogs. They become real friends, play buddies and the dog even starts nurturing the baby! This caring dog for instance can’t stop licking the baby. […]

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Naughty Dog Caught In The Act… You Will Laugh When You See What He Does Next!

Gnarly and Kacy the cute little Maltese dogs were in the living room alone when their human noticed something unusual. He found Kleenex strewn all over the floor! So, he asks point blank which one of them did it. Neither said a word, but the culprit still got caught. Watch the hilarious video below to […]

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Guilty Dogs Video Compilation… Your Heart Will Melt After Watching This!

No matter how well you’ve trained your dogs, Sometimes they’ll be naughty if they get the chance. But they forget to clean up after creating a mess… so the naughty dog gets caught! And what does a naughty dog do after getting caught? He makes his famous guilty face to say sorry! This video compilation […]

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Man’s Emotional Tribute To His Dying, 17-Year Old Dog Is Beautiful

  Having a dog beside you as a faithful companion is one of the best gifts that we can ever have. From the day we first meet them till the day we say goodbye, they remain our best friends. But a dogs life is so short… they cross the rainbow bridge a little too soon… […]

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This Huge Rottweiler Got Pregnant By A Tiny Terrier Dog! You Will Not Believe What The Puppies Look Like!

  Teresa Patterson from North Grimston, Yorkshire, UK, was surprised to see Zara, her 4-year old Rottweiler dog pregnant. But, the real shock came when the babies arrived! She realized the father of the baby was none other than her other pet dog, The West Highland Terrier named Joey! It is unbelievable how Joey, being […]

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The Story Of Why This Dog Attends Church Every Day On His Own Is Simply Amazing

We are blessed by the company of our loyal and faithful friends sent by God in the form of dogs… Dogs are our inseparable friends in all our weal and woe.  And it is a difficult phase of our life when we lose these friends. But sometimes, it is the dog who loses us. But […]

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A Cute Dog Or Tiny Ewok…You Decide…This is CUTE!

  Meet Munchkin – the teddy bear puppy!  I was first exposed to this cute “Furball” on Youtube when my sister first showed me the video of him walking on a treadmill.  At first I thought… Hey that’s an Ewok… but quickly saw that gag…the costume.  And I smiled. So one of my first thoughts […]

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