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Long Lost Brothers Reunite While on a Walk

We all wonder what kind of lives our dogs led before we got  them. For the owner of Louie the Labradoodle, the past just got clearer. Twitter user @itswalela posted a picture of Louie in the park. He had spotted another Labradoodle and stopped in his tracks. The owners of the dogs talked and it […]

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The Story Behind the New Royal Dog

As I’m sure you are all aware, recently Meghan Markle married Prince Harry. As a result, her dog, Guy, is the newest royal dog. Guy the beagle has had a very interesting life. “It’s a total fairytale,” said Alison Preiss of Pet Valu, where Guy was originally adopted in 2015. “Here is this dog that […]

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Dog Found 11 Days After Car Crash

Jamey Johnson, 48, was killed in a car accident, but his dog lived. She was seen running into the surrounding forest. Lena is a German Shepherd mix. The Sheriff’s office asked for the public’s help in finding her. On Sunday, a forest service employee found Lena in the woods near the accident. She was unharmed […]

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Watch This Dog Get Rescued From a Frozen River

I think we are all in need of feel-good stories lately, given the state of the world. Last winter, a fire chief from Canada shared a video on Facebook of several firefighters and RCMP rescuing someone’s pet dog. The dog had wandered onto the ice and fell in while he was walking off leash. They […]

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What This Corgi Did at the Airport Broke My Heart

Cora is a special dog. She is in training to be a therapy dog. As a result, she gets to travel a lot. “She is very empathetic and in tune with my needs, yet she is so incredibly independent,” said owner Madison Palm. Cora did something amazing while they were flying from Idaho to Alaska. […]

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Dying Man Gets to Say Goodbye to his Dog

A man who had just hours to live had one wish: to see his dog one last time. Peter Robson was suffering from fibrosis in his lungs. He didn’t have long. The hospital asked his family if there was anything that he wanted from home to comfort him. They asked if they could bring his […]

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Family’s Dog is Actually A Bear

A Chinese family has given up their dog. Why? Because it was actually a bear. The family live in the Yunnan province of China. They adopted a Tibetan mastiff puppy while on vacation. What they really adopted, however, was an endangered Asiatic black bear cub. The bear has been taken into care by an animal […]

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Deaf and Blind Dog Rescues 3 Year Old

Aurora, a 3 year old, went missing after wandering away from her family property on a Friday night. Luckily for her, the family dog, a 17 year old Australian cattle dog named Max, followed her out into the wilderness. Saturday morning, 100 police officers, emergency workers, and members of the public were searching for her. […]

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Are Dogs Smarter than Cats?

It’s an age old question: are dogs smarter than cats? Dogs can be trained to do a variety of tricks very well, cats are much harder to train. Yet cats are extremely skilled natural hunters with unlimited curiosity. A neuroscientist, a dog cognition expert, and a cat behavior researcher got together to answer the question. […]

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Lost Dog Found 4 Years Later

Bradley Wieferich thought it was a prank when he received a call from a microchip company telling him his dog had been found in Toledo four years after she ran away. Toledo is more than a hundred miles away from his home. “I was stunned,” Bradley said. Toledo police found his dog, Bambi, wandering around […]

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