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Guide Dog Saves Blind Owner Twice in a Single Night

Guide dogs perform an important service in our society: leading the blind. For people lucky enough to receive a service dog, they will be closer than friends or family, they become an extension of themselves. Christina Colon and her dog Yolanda are such a pair. Yolanda is always by Christina’s side, even while sleeping. One […]

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Hero Saves Dog Falling From Building

Footage from a security camera reveals a remarkable story. In Ribeirao Preto in Brazil, Joao Augusto noticed a little dog about to fall off a balcony. The little Shih Tzu was climbing on the railing of the balcony and barking. Augusto heard it’s cries and moved into action. The caretaker of the building saw Augusto […]

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Dog Has a Secret Arrangement With the Local Baker

Meet Chito, a dachshund who somehow has been getting fat despite being on a healthy diet. This is because Chito has a secret, or had a secret. Chito lives in Mexico. He has always been vigilant, alerting his family to any strangers. This “guard” dog was actually alert for a different reason. That reason also explains […]

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Stray Dog Brings Woman a Daily Gift as Thanks

Manners are an important social tool in humans. We say ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ have rules about respect and more. A special dog in Thailand seems to have learned to at least say ‘thank you.’ Orawan Kaewla-iat feeds stray dogs near her home, and has been doing so as long as she can remember. One, […]

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Landlady Rents ONLY to Pet Owners

If you own a pet, you know how difficult it can be to find a place to rent. Most places don’t accept pets. If they do, there are additional fees to have a pet. Sometimes there are restrictions on breed and size. But there is one landlady in Los Angeles that will only rent to […]

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Dog Saves Life of Boy Trapped in Dryer

Teddy the cockapoo came to the rescue of 5 year old Riley as he was sent spinning inside the family dryer. Riley Gedge-Duffy, who has Down’s Syndrome, was going to die. He had climbed into the dryer and shut the door. Then the machine started a cycle. Teddy immediately knew something was wrong, and so […]

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Would You Rent a Drug Sniffing Dog to Raid Your Kids Room?

This is the decision parents have before them in Kansas City, MO. The local station (WDAF-TV) recently featured a unique business called Metro K9 Detection Services. They specialize in providing drug sniffing dogs to “cost effectively” detect the most common drugs in your home and other residential areas. “They try to associate us with law enforcement […]

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Border Collie Herds Whole Flock of Sheep into Owners Kitchen

Rocky the border collie was being trained for what he was bred for: herding sheep. Rocky was only 7 months old. He took his job very seriously. One day, he decided to round up his nine ovine charges right into the house. Rosalyn Edwards told the telegraph that she was in the kitchen when she […]

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Dog Plays Dead to Stay at the Dog Park

Dogs and parks. We all know it is their favorite place, after their bed at home. A dog in the park is happy. So getting them to leave can be difficult. The moment they realize they are going to the park, they are full of excitement and joy. When it is time to leave, they […]

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Dog and Dolphin Share a Moment

There is something special about animals. They can sense things humans can not. This special moment between two dogs on a boat and a dolphin are the perfect example. Animals are capable of complex feelings and emotions. There are times animals from friendships between species, and it is inspiring. Dolphins and dogs couldn’t be more […]

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