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Dog Lost For 2 Years Finally Finds His Family… Their Reunion Made Me Cry


When our beloved pet dog goes missing, how miserable feeling runs through us only can the sufferer understand this. We consider our dogs as family members and losing them suddenly is a trauma that’s hard to forget. This is the story of such a family and their pet dog Lily who went missing one day… After many sleepless nights and 22 long months, finally Lilly is found and reunited with her family… Their reunion just brought tears to my eyes… watch the heart-warming video below…

Lily could not hold back her tears as she sees her owner coming towards her. She was crying and at the same time forgetting the whole ordeal she went through as she went missing. She was ecstatic and fidgeting happily.

Now you can realize how tough it would be for you if your loving dog goes missing. Here the owner waits almost two years as she believes that one day they would find Lily. Her belief comes true, they do find Lily. The family gets back their lost happiness with the return of the missing member of the family. It’s so emotional to see them reunite… and beautiful. I wish they remain this much happy forever and always.


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Video courtesy: YouTube channel of Pets Lovers

One reply on “Dog Lost For 2 Years Finally Finds His Family… Their Reunion Made Me Cry”

Lovely homecoming, but those kids had better be taught to close the garden gate or it will happen again!