Husky Saves Hiker on Alaskan Trail

Nanook the Husky has a spirit of adventure deep within him. This a great thing when you live in Alaska. Nanook (Nookie) and his owner Scott Swift live at the head of Crow Pass Trail. Nanook decided all on his own to become an unofficial “guide dog” for hikers on the trail. “He likes to […]

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Guide Dog Saves Blind Owner Twice in a Single Night

Guide dogs perform an important service in our society: leading the blind. For people lucky enough to receive a service dog, they will be closer than friends or family, they become an extension of themselves. Christina Colon and her dog Yolanda are such a pair. Yolanda is always by Christina’s side, even while sleeping. One […]

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Hero Saves Dog Falling From Building

Footage from a security camera reveals a remarkable story. In Ribeirao Preto in Brazil, Joao Augusto noticed a little dog about to fall off a balcony. The little Shih Tzu was climbing on the railing of the balcony and barking. Augusto heard it’s cries and moved into action. The caretaker of the building saw Augusto […]

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Dog Has a Secret Arrangement With the Local Baker

Meet Chito, a dachshund who somehow has been getting fat despite being on a healthy diet. This is because Chito has a secret, or had a secret. Chito lives in Mexico. He has always been vigilant, alerting his family to any strangers. This “guard” dog was actually alert for a different reason. That reason also explains […]

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This Unusual Wedding Crasher Stole the Hearts of the Bride and Groom

Marilia and Matheus of Sao Paulo Brazil had an outdoor wedding planned. Unfortunately, the day of the wedding came and a heavy rainstorm was going through area. The wedding was not postponed, just moved under a weatherproof canopy. While the guests settled into their seats, an unusual wedding crasher joined the crowd. A stray dog, […]

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Stray Dog Brings Woman a Daily Gift as Thanks

Manners are an important social tool in humans. We say ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ have rules about respect and more. A special dog in Thailand seems to have learned to at least say ‘thank you.’ Orawan Kaewla-iat feeds stray dogs near her home, and has been doing so as long as she can remember. One, […]

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Dog Saves Pregnant Mom’s Life

As we all know, dogs have an almost supernatural ability to detect things. This is why we train them to detect drugs, bombs, and even cancer. This means they can smell inside the human body. They will know we are sick before we do. This story should come as no surprise then, although it is […]

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Rescued Dog Works at a Gas Station

Negao isn’t your typical gas station employee, and not just because he’s a dog. But he didn’t always have a job. 2 years ago, Sabrina Plannerer and partner purchased a Shell Gas Station in Brazil. While it was under construction, Sabrina discovered a dog who had been abandoned there. He was too frightened to leave. […]

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Do Therapy Dogs Like Their Jobs?

If you love dogs, just hanging out with a dog will make you feel good. This is the basic idea behind therapy dogs. They work as healing companions for people with cancer, PTSD, and dementia. There more than 50,000 therapy dogs in the U.S., and they are becoming increasingly popular in other countries, such as […]

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Dog Alerts Family to Toxic Smoke from Burning Hairbrush, Saves Their Lives

Jennifer’s lungs still hurt half a week later. She can deal with it, but if you ask her about what might have happened, she tears up. Jennifer DeStefani’s friend Marta DeGennaro was attending a wedding and asked Jennifer to watch her dog: Bandit, a Pomeranian-Poodle mix. The DeStefanis had some pets of their own already, […]

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