Rescue Dog Ends up Saving the Lives of Nine Children

Angela Fullmer had her hands full. Her husband was out of town, so she had to manage their 9 children on her own. This in addition to two dogs. So when one of the dogs started barking uncontrollably, she was annoyed. “Capone,” she yelled, “Shut up! You’re going to wake the baby.” Capone is a min pin/whippet/chihuahua […]

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Injured Dog Saved by Cyclist

Jared Little was cycling as part of a group near Columbus Georgia. That’s when they saw the stray dog. “We stopped to let everyone regroup and he came out of the woods really happy to see us,” Little tells MNN. “He was thin, hadn’t eaten in a while and had obviously been hit by a […]

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The Cutest Criminal You Will Ever See

BREAKING NEWS: The Cape May Police Department in New Jersey responded to a call of delinquency. A pug had burst free of her home and was rampaging across the town in a flurry of smiles and kisses. “Our officer went down and found the dog, picked her up and brought her back to the station,” […]

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St. Bernard Went Into Surgery for Cancer. What They Found Instead Will Shock You.

Jane Dickinson was bringing her dog Maisy to the vet for her scheduled surgery. She was afraid of what could happen during surgery. Maisy was having a mass removed from her spleen. Her stomach was full of something and was not digesting properly. The vet thought it was cancer. Everyone was concerned that Maisy might not […]

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Welcome to the Land of Stray Dogs (Spoiler: You’re Going to Love It)

Territorio de Zaguates is the best place to go if you are a dog lover. It is a no-kill dog facility in Costa Rica, which is home to 970 dogs. It is called “Land of the Strays.” Recently, a photographer by the name of Dan Giannopoulos spent some time at the shelter. “To look out […]

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Husky Saves Hiker on Alaskan Trail

Nanook the Husky has a spirit of adventure deep within him. This a great thing when you live in Alaska. Nanook (Nookie) and his owner Scott Swift live at the head of Crow Pass Trail. Nanook decided all on his own to become an unofficial “guide dog” for hikers on the trail. “He likes to […]

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Guide Dog Saves Blind Owner Twice in a Single Night

Guide dogs perform an important service in our society: leading the blind. For people lucky enough to receive a service dog, they will be closer than friends or family, they become an extension of themselves. Christina Colon and her dog Yolanda are such a pair. Yolanda is always by Christina’s side, even while sleeping. One […]

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Hero Saves Dog Falling From Building

Footage from a security camera reveals a remarkable story. In Ribeirao Preto in Brazil, Joao Augusto noticed a little dog about to fall off a balcony. The little Shih Tzu was climbing on the railing of the balcony and barking. Augusto heard it’s cries and moved into action. The caretaker of the building saw Augusto […]

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Dog Has a Secret Arrangement With the Local Baker

Meet Chito, a dachshund who somehow has been getting fat despite being on a healthy diet. This is because Chito has a secret, or had a secret. Chito lives in Mexico. He has always been vigilant, alerting his family to any strangers. This “guard” dog was actually alert for a different reason. That reason also explains […]

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This Unusual Wedding Crasher Stole the Hearts of the Bride and Groom

Marilia and Matheus of Sao Paulo Brazil had an outdoor wedding planned. Unfortunately, the day of the wedding came and a heavy rainstorm was going through area. The wedding was not postponed, just moved under a weatherproof canopy. While the guests settled into their seats, an unusual wedding crasher joined the crowd. A stray dog, […]

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