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Baby Meets A Puppy For The First Time! SO CUTE!


When you bring in a puppy in your house, one of the first and most important thing to do is to introduce the puppy to your little baby. Now, if you have never seen how the baby and the puppy react to each other, this video will show you just how cute the encounter can be between these two. Watch the cutest video ever right below…

Aren’t they simply adorable? The little baby was happy to see a new playmate, and the puppy was curious, sniffing his new buddy to get acquainted with his smell… I have a feeling that these two will become great friends.

But these encounters should always be supervised by adults. You can notice at the end of the video that the kid pulled the puppies fur rather hard which made the puppy move away. Playing rough with dogs can encourage them to do the same, which might not be safe for children. So, if you are thinking of getting your little pet to play with your kid, make sure you are somewhere near to keep a close eye on them. Other than that, let them play, let them be cute and let us all sit back and enjoy their joyful celebration of life!

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Video Source: YouTube

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