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Brave Dog Saves His Owner From Burning House – Just Amazing How He Did It!

The video below tells the amazing story of a German Shepherd dog rescuing his owner from imminent danger with his bravery and intelligence. In early 2010, Ben Heinrich was working in his workshop next to his home when he accidentally triggered a gas leak that set the workshop along with his house on fire. He called 911 but he knew that time was of the essence… so he told his German Shepherd dog named Buddy to get help and the dog rushed off.

Miraculously, Buddy found the Dispatched Officer Terrence Shanigan who couldn’t find the location of the burning house as his GPS froze, and led the Alaskan State Trooper through the winding and remote back roads to the fire at his owner’s workshop, saving him with a wonderful display of heroism. This video footage below was recorded from the Officer’s patrol car dashboard camera, which shows exactly how the German Shepherd managed to help… what you’ll see will amaze you.

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