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Could This Be The Smallest And Cutest Pomeranian Puppy Of All Time?


If you’ve ever wondered how small and cute a micro Pomeranian puppy could be, this is your lucky day! Meet Mickey, the teeny tiny micro Pomeranian puppy… and perhaps the cutest puppy of all time! I can’t believe how adorable she looks when she is playing and snuggling with her mom… you’re bound to smile when you watch this little furball do what she does best… steal people’s hearts! Watch her in action in the video below…

Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever! I know all puppies are beautiful, but this cute little pup is mesmerizing! I’m sure it’ll take a long time for me to overcome the enchantment this cute little furball cast upon me. What about you?

Oh, you must’ve noticed, the pup’s owner who created the video, mentioned the weight of the pup several times. That’s because lots of people are scammed while buying micro or t-cup Pomeranian puppies, real t-cup pups are really small and rare… so this video can be good reference for you if you’re planning to buy a t-cup pom puppy in the future. Do your homework & be patient when looking for very tiny pom.

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Video Source: YouTube

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