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Dachshund VS Crab! This Is Soooo CUTE!


Have you ever taken your dog to the beach? If you have then you’ve probably encountered this before… Dogs love to chase crabs! Watch this mini Dachshund trying to chase a ghost crab in this cute video. What happens in the end made me laugh out loud! Watch the video below…

Notice in the end how the crab got lost in the waves? I guess we would never know who would’ve won in this epic battle between dogs and crabs!

A word of advice… If your dogs also have a habit of chasing after crabs then please make sure to keep a close eye on them… your dog can get hurt if caught between the pincers of the crab.

Even though the dog is way bigger than that little crab, seems like the crab has the upper hand… well, you tell us! Leave a comment!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of CutiesNFuzzies

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