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The Dog Didn’t Get Along With The New Baby… Then Something Very Interesting Happened!


Romy is a sweet dog… friendly, well-mannered and playful. But when his owner got him a new playmate – a little kitten named Ricky, he started ignoring the kitty! The unusual behavior continued while the little cat tried to befriend Romy in several ways, but to no avail! Then something amazing happened that changed the whole situation! Watch what happened in the video below…

I absolutely loved watching the video, and I’m sure you did too. I never knew shower could have such an intense impact… I guess it’s because dogs heavily rely on their smelling sense, and the kitten was also brought from a shelter… perhaps she smelled bad, and maybe that’s why Romy was ignoring him. What do you think happened there?

And in case you’re wondering who the little girl is, she is Willa, the 7-year old neighbor of Romy and Ricky. She narrated the whole story from little Ricky’s perspective… and with that she completely stole my heart! It’s amazing how animals befriend each other and become best of friends, now I’m thinking maybe I should get a little kitten like Ricky for my dogs. Would that be a good idea? What do you think? Let me know with your comments!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of Fresh Step

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