This Dog Has Been Waiting 2 Years In The Hospital For Her Owner To Get Out…


Masha the Brown Dachshund dog has been waiting in the same hospital in Siberia since her owner died there about two years back. In this video below you will find her still waiting for her owner to come back, and doesn’t want to leave the hospital! Many locals have tried to take her home, but all in vain, because she keeps coming back! This video almost brought tears in my eyes…

I just can’t fathom the overwhelming love this little dog has for her late master. When her master was admitted on a ward in the Novosibirsk District Hospital, Masha was his only visitor. Now that he’s gone, loyal and heart-broken Masha refuses to leave.

Two years, two long years she has been waiting, in the same place, hoping that he’d come back. Masha’s wish is not going to come true of course, but we sure hope she finds another loving and caring owner to look after her. Even though the hospital staff love Masha and provided her with a warm bed to sleep, plenty of food and regular time out in the open space for exercise; she could really use a caring household to live. Then again, many people tried and yet failed to bring her home, so who knows, maybe she’ll spend the rest of her life in the same hospital… eagerly waiting for her master!

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News Source – Youtube Channel of EuroNews

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