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Husky Tries To Imitate A Baby… Too FUNNY!


Ever noticed your dog trying to imitate your every move? Well, some dogs try to imitate how babies sound… I’m not sure if they’re just trying to copy the voice or trying to make a conversation… but it’s funny anyways! Watch the video below where a husky dog imitates the sound of a baby while playing… too funny!

Husky dogs are awesome when it comes to playing, passing time and watching over babies. These energetic dogs love babies! It is their inborn habit of doing this. They notice what baby does and husky tries to imitate that. When baby makes different sounds, husky listens to those sounds and try to imitate carefully.

Though husky dogs were generally used for pulling sleds, but when they are pet at houses they are much energetic and athletic. That’s why they love playing with babies. Baby too understands that dog plays with it and that is why, husky-baby friendship becomes deep and strong.

Is your dog a good friend to your baby? Let us know with your comments down below…

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Video courtesy: YouTube channel of Tom Cammarata