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This Dog From Utah Has Been Missing For 5 Years And Was Just Found In California – Amazing Story!

This cute little dog who has been missing for 5 years has just been returned to his owner.  Now 5 years seams like a long time but the story behind this is simply amazing.  You see this little dog ran away from his owner who lived in Utah…but was just found in California!

According to the Deseret News…”Jacob, or Jake, named after the John Wayne movie “Big Jake,” went missing from his home in Salt Lake City in March 2009. Jake’s owner, Rick Thomas, said he posted fliers and reported his dog as missing to Home Again, a pet microchip company. After about a year, he gave up looking, he said. “If he was still alive, someday he’d show up,” he thought.

Thomas’ ex-girlfriend, Anna Beck, tells a slightly different story: Beck says Jake, or Buddy, as she called him, kept running away. Because she bought the dog for Thomas, she received calls every time he ran. The final time he ran away, Thomas never came for him, she said, and a few weeks later, Jake ran again.

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