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Dog Treated Poorly Finally finds a Foster Home

Kobe is an abandoned puppy who has finally found the perfect foster family. Kobe was abandoned by his previous owners, and when he arrived at the shelter he was just skin and bones.\

Fortunately Sean and Jane Stinchcomb, from Maryland, are fostering him and are giving him a better life. He is so happy!

Kobe is about 4 years old. His first taste of freedom came in the form of a McDonald’s cone he had on the way home. That alone made him smile.

The Stinchcomb couple also have two Pitbulls and four cats who are Kobe´s new best friends. Since then, he’s experienced nothing but fun and happiness, displayed by his constant tail wagging and contagious smile.

It is clear that he feels safe, loved and protected. These feelings are well deserved and overdue. For the first time, Kobe has a family to love him and care about him.

Kobe will be placed on the Baltimore Bully Crew’s Facebook page for permanent adoption. Sean knows it will be hard to let Kobe go, but also feels confident that his new, permanent family will be better for him.

It is common for foster families to get very attached to the dogs they foster, so many people don’t foster at all, to avoid the heartbreak.

However, it is better to have your heart broken that way than to know that a dog was put to sleep because there was no one to foster them. So yes, it hurts to let foster puppies go, but in the end it is worth it.

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Source: Bark Post 

Images via Baltimore Bully Crew/Sean Stinchcomb

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