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This Dog Was Rescued From An Abusive Home And Thought All Hope Was Lost Until…


Zoey the three legged dog is full of life and so happy to be in a loving and caring family. But she once had all her legs, but she wasn’t just as happy back then. This video tells you the amazing story of Zoey, how she survived cruelty and came back to enjoy a life full of love and warmth. The Humane Society of the rescued Zoey along with 60 more dogs from a dog hoarding case in Blue Mountain, Mississippi. Her right leg was grievously injured by all the abuse she suffered and was beyond any repair. So, the doctors had to cut her leg off. But then she was adopted by a family that changed her life. Scroll down and watch the video below to see how she made it this far, and don’t blame me if it brings tears of joy down your eyes…

We all love happy endings, don’t we? Watching how happy Zoey now is just makes me feel so good. And I know the other dogs who were rescued with her have also found a loving home, thanks to the Humane Society of U.S. They are doing a great job and helping save lives of thousands of dogs each year from hoarders and abuse.

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Video Source: YouTube

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