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The Doggy Version Parody Of The Song “Wiggle” Is EPIC! A Must Watch Video!

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So, you might’ve heard the song “Wiggle” of Jason Derulo and Snoop Dog. At first I didn’t like the song to be honest… but when I saw the cute puppy version parody of this song, I fell in love with it! The lyrics, the music and the videography, everything was perfect… not to mention the stellar performance by our cute canine buddies! Watch the awesome music video featuring our favorite dogs in the video below…

“You know what to do with that furry tail…waggle, waggle, waggle!”

LoL, That was awesome, wasn’t it? The creative people behind “The Pet Collective” made this funny video possible… well thank you guys for giving us a good time! I wish more of these were made, don’t you? Let us know in the comments if you want us to find more of these funny music videos for you!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of The Pet Collective

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