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The Amazing Friendship Between This Dog And An Orangutan Is Just Beautiful!


Now we have seen it all! Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the stray hound dog are best of friends… and they are inseparable! This is a pair never before seen in the animal kingdom and even got animal behaviorists scratching their heads in confusion! This video shows you just how strong their bond is… watch the video below that blew our mind…

When brought up in the same house, dogs are known to make friendships with cats, birds and all sorts of other animals. But this unlikely pair didn’t bond while growing up. Roscoe the hound was just a stray dog who happened to come across Suryia’s enclosure and immediately they became friends as if they were long lost buddies! The caretakers found out only when they were taking a stroll with Suryia and the dog came up to meet the Orangutan in person, and since then they have never left each other! They play, cuddle, sleep and even share foods with each other!

This unique friendship was featured on numerous TV channels including National Geographic Channel.


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Video Source: YouTube

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