This Huge Rottweiler Got Pregnant By A Tiny Terrier Dog! You Will Not Believe What The Puppies Look Like!


Teresa Patterson from North Grimston, Yorkshire, UK, was surprised to see Zara, her 4-year old Rottweiler dog pregnant. But, the real shock came when the babies arrived! She realized the father of the baby was none other than her other pet dog, The West Highland Terrier named Joey!

It is unbelievable how Joey, being only one-third the size of the Rottweiler Zara and being from a completely different dog breed, got her pregnant. (Photos of the pups are on the next page.)

Mrs. Patterson says,

“I was completely shocked, I didn’t think nature would let this happen but at some point it did. The puppies have a lovely temperament like their parents. They are high maintenance as they want attention all the time. One of the puppies, Sparkie, which our son is having, follows me everywhere I go. But this won’t happen again – Joey will be going to the vets soon.”

See what these puppies look like on the next page.

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