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This Husky Was Asked To Stop Watching TV… So, He Throws A Tantrum!


Husky dogs are so cute… but they can be a bit stubborn too, that is how their nature is. Take this Husky in this video for instance. Luka – the one year old Husky was watching TV, that’s when his owner asked him to stop watching TV and come to him. But Luka didn’t want to get off the couch… so he throws a tantrum! This is soo funny… watch what happens when Luka throws a tantrum in the funny video below…

Who likes to get interrupted while watching TV… nobody! So, Luka throws a tantrum, and we got another reason to smile! In case you’re wondering why the husky isn’t listening to his owner, the owner says, “In this video Luka was only a little over a year, he does listen better than that now…for the most part at least. Being stubborn is just one of his personality traits that he shares with many other sibes(Siberian Huskies)”.

What does your dog do when you ask them to do something? Do they listen or throw a temper tantrum like this husky? Let us know in the comments!

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Video Source: YouTube

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