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“Laika” The Guitar Playing Dog Shows Her Skills On “Britain’s Got Talent” And SHOCKS Everyone!


Dogs can be really talented and possess amazing skills if trained well. The reality TV show “Britain’s Got Talent” finally gets such a talented dog. Melissa brought her dog Laika to the show to display the awesome guitar playing skills of this talented dog. According to the dog’s owner Melissa, Laika is the only dog in the world who can play the guitar! Everyone on the show was waiting eagerly for the dog to show her skills… then what happened made everyone laugh out loud. Watch what happened in the video below…

That was really embarrassing, wasn’t it? Seems, Laika can’t play the guitar after all! At one point it even looked like she wanted to just get away from there! Poor dog… I guess putting too much pressure on them can have them shatter our expectations! But this video will always give us a good laugh with a reminder to never push our dogs to do something they don’t want to do… otherwise embarrassing situations like this can happen!

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Video Source: YouTube

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