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Long Lost Brothers Reunite While on a Walk

We all wonder what kind of lives our dogs led before we got  them. For the owner of Louie the Labradoodle, the past just got clearer.

Twitter user @itswalela posted a picture of Louie in the park. He had spotted another Labradoodle and stopped in his tracks.

The owners of the dogs talked and it was revealed that the dogs came from the same breeder and parents. The dogs were brothers.

It’s crazy to think that the pair recognized each other after all that time. It’s like a romantic comedy kind of serendipity.

Imagine all the other dog siblings in the world, including your dog’s. Labradoodles usually  have 8 or so pups a litter, meaning there could be six more of Louie’s siblings out there.

Other users responded to the tweet with their stories of how their pets became reunited with siblings.

Hopefully these dogs can have many future playdates together.

Source: Mashable

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