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The Video Of This Mutant Giant “Spider-Dog” Will Scare The Living Soul Out Of You…


There is not much to say about this video, except that it has a Mutant Dog that looks like half a spider-half a dog, and that the video will scare the living soul out of you! Watch the video below and prepare yourself for the SHOCK of your life…

It totally got you, didn’t it? I was baffled to see the creature first… then after a while I realized what it really was! And that was a relief! We sure don’t want dogs running around looking all scary like spiders!

The YouTube prankster SA Wardega came up with this brilliant plan of dressing his dog up in a spider-like costume and scare people at night. He succeeded I must say! If I were to see such a creature at the middle of the night, I would’ve fainted! Wouldn’t you? Share your feelings down in the comments section!

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Have fun!


Video Source: YouTube Channel of SA Wardega

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