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The Trick That Identifies If Your Weiner Pup Is A Smarty-Pants!


Reading the title you may find it intriguing… How can you find out if your wiener dog is dumb or smart! Aren’t they all supposed to be the same? Well, apparently not… and this video will help you understand how you can use a simple trick to find out if your wiener is a smarty-pants or not! Check it out….

So this cute little canine is not trying to jump or break the circle! Isn’t it surprising? One may say, he does not understand that he can jump and can come over the cans. But dogs are intelligent animals. Who other than them knows best what can be done in such situations? But a thought provoked in my mind. Why he really didn’t jump over the cans? But the bigger dachshund did that, isn’t it weird?

I know the answer may vary. You have the right to say he did not understand that he had to jump as he was small, or he could’ve simply went through the cans! Sadly, some may say the first Dachshund was less intelligent. But for me he was such a responsible one who did not want to make a mess by going through or jumping over the cans. He assumed that his owner might get angry! So he waited for its owner to make space for him. And about the bigger Dachshund may be he loves to take challenges, who knows! But one thing is evident from the video, depending on intelligence, soda cans can be an effective and reasonably priced dog crate!

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Video Source: YouTube

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