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The Dog Parody Of “Happy” Is Just So Darn Cute!

Now, dogs have their own version of the “Happy”.  Yes, you heard me right! Pharrell Williams’ super hit bestselling single “Happy” from the movie “Despicable Me 2” has gone so viral that it had many versions made already all over the world by different people and groups, in many different languages!

So, it wasn’t fair for the dogs not to have a happy song of their own! So, the famous YouTube Channel “Pet Collective” came up with their own version of the happy song for the dogs! And WOW! This song is just too good! Watch the video below and get ready to smile!

One of the best-selling singles of all time, Happy song really deserves all that fame! It has a certain energy that can make anyone happy as soon as they listen to it! And I’m sure it will be on the hearts of many people for many more years to come! But, this dog version of the song will be the best rendition of the song by far in my eyes!

As a dog lover, I love nothing more than watching cute dogs play around… And this song coupled with all those cute puppies is hands down, the cutest dog video I have ever seen!

Comment below if you loved the song; let us know if it made you just as happy as it made us!

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Video Source — Youtube Channel — The Pet Collective


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