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What This Owner Did for Their Lovesick Dog Will Make You Smile

I can say that this is probably the best version of Romeo and Juliet you will ever hear.

One day, there was a dog that lived across the street from a cat. For almost a year, the dog would gaze across the street to see the cat in the window. For the dog, it was love at first sight. His owner knew the dog loved the cat.

But then the owner of the cat put up potted flowers, blocking the cat from the dog’s view. The cat’s owner had no idea about the heartbreak she was causing across the street.

Every day, the dog still looked out the window to see the cat, even though the cat could not be seen. The dog was sad, and it seemed to be getting worse every day. So the owner wrote a note and attached it to the neighbor’s window.

Since dog’s can’t express their feelings like humans do, the owner wrote a note on the dog’s behalf. The note confessed the dog’s love, and asked nicely if the flowers could be moved.

And did it work? Yes. The nieghbor gladly moved their potted plants, and even posted a note back that said “For True Love.”



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