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Why Do Dogs Run Away? You Need To Know This If You’re A Dog Owner!

#4. The Hunt

It is easy to forget sometimes, but dogs are still animals, and their ancestors were fierce predators. As a result, they still have the instinct to hunt. If they are looking out the window and see a cat, squirrel, or anything else they decide would be fun to chase, they can escape and follow it for quite a while.

#5. Boredom

Dogs may be simple creatures, but they still need mental stimulation. If they aren’t being walked enough, trained enough, or otherwise occupied enough, they will take the first chance they get to go find some adventure on their own.

6. New House

Finally, dogs are creatures of habit. They like having the same setting and routine, just like people. If you have moved recently or are in a different setting, dogs may run away to find their familiar home.

These are just some of the reasons your dog could be running away. It is always helpful to take care of all your dog’s needs, train them as well as you can, and spay or neuter them.

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