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Adopted Dog Pays Owners Back By Saving Infant Daughter… How He Did It Is Simply AMAZING!


Dogs truly are our best friends; They stay with us through thick and thin, play with us, care for us… and most importantly when we are in danger they help us to get out of the bad situation. This is the story of such a rescue dog called ‘Duke’ that saved the life of a dying baby. How he did it is simply amazing! Watch the video below to see the full story…

The Brousseau family adopted Duke seven years ago and he has become a good member of the family. But never did they imagine that one day this dog will return the favor by saving their infant daughter. What happened that night is really something amazing done by Duke.

That night the couple went to sleep but after sometime duke went to their bed and started shaking uncontrollably to wake the couple… He was behaving unnaturally. Then the couple understood that there must be something going wrong. They got out of the bed and went to the baby daughter Harper’s room. They found the baby was not breathing. Promptly they called the 911 and the paramedics revived the little girl before taking her to the nearby hospital. The baby was just 9 weeks old. Jenna Brousseau, the mother of the baby said, “he (duke) is the perfect dog, he is meant to be ours”.

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Video Courtesy: YouTube Channel of ABC News

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