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This Newborn Pit Bull Puppy Was Not Going To Make It… But Then This Cat Did Something Unbelievable!


This is one of the most amazing dog rescue stories we’ve ever heard. But this time, a cat saves the day! Just one day old Pit bull puppy Norland was rejected by his mother after birth; when he was brought to the Cleveland Animal Protective League, they knew they had to do something quick to save the new born pup. So, they tried something unbelievable… And it worked! Watch the amazing video below to see the full story…

The young cat gave birth to a litter of kittens just recently, so when she was given the little Pit bull pup, she immediately started nursing him, thinking of the puppy as one of her own. Being a Pit bull, he required more food, so he is bottle-fed additional food 8 times every day. You can clearly see the look of concern on the mommy cats eyes when the puppy was being handled by a human… I guess that’s what love looks like. No matter what species they are from, a mothers love is boundless… and this is just another example of just that.

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Video Courtesy: YouTube Channel of Annette Lawless

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