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“Angel” Dog Saves Boy From Cougar

Austin Forman has a guardian angel, and her name is Angel. She is a golden retriever, and she saved Austin’s life.

One Saturday, Austin was attacked in his backyard by a Cougar. Angel, only 18 months old, threw herself between the cougar and Austin.

Sherri Forman, Austin’s mother, said her son was outside in the evening with Angel, gathering firewood. She explained Angel generally runs and plays around the yard, but that day she was acting differently.

“[Austin] had come in at one point to tell me how cute Angel was being because she was sticking pretty close to him in the yard, which was unusual for her,” Forman said.

In hindsight she realized the dog was protecting her son.

When the cougar attacked, Angel protected the boy.

“She intercepted the cougar,” Forman said. “Austin came into the house very upset, and I had to get him to calm down so I could understand what he was saying. Finally he said ‘there’s a cougar eating Angel.'”

The big cat and Angel fought underneath the porch while Austin’s mother called 911. An officer was in the area and was able to kill the cougar.

When they pulled the cougar’s body off of Angel, the dog sucked in a deep breath. Angel walked over to Austin to make sure he was okay, and sat.

“She had some pretty nasty injuries across the front of her head and neck” said veterinarian Jack Anvik. “If there had been enough time for the two of them together the cougar would have probably killed the dog,” he said.

Austin said “I feel very good now that we know she’s alive and the fact that she saved me and survived is amazing.”

Austin was so grateful the he went with his grandpa and bought a huge steak for angel.

Source: CNN

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