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Dying Man Gets to Say Goodbye to his Dog

A man who had just hours to live had one wish: to see his dog one last time.

Peter Robson was suffering from fibrosis in his lungs. He didn’t have long. The hospital asked his family if there was anything that he wanted from home to comfort him. They asked if they could bring his beloved border collie, Shep.

They assumed the request would be denied. Animals of any kind aren’t usually allowed in a hospital.

Surprisingly, the hospital said yes.

Shep had been by Peter’s side ever since his wife died. “He really thought he would never see Shep again,” Robson’s granddaughter Ashley Stevens said. “It was an amazing moment to see the two of them together, and Shep was so excited to see him.”

Later, they shared the moment on Facebook. “Still in shock that the wish was granted and they went above and beyond today and made a dying man very happy.”

Source: People

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