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This Beagle Is The Babysitter Of The Baby… I Was Amazed To See Their Chemistry!


Dogs can be really good babysitters sometimes. This is the video that shows you how amazing their chemistry can be with a baby. Charlie the beagle was taught how to play the keyboard, how to change the traffic lights, to put a blanket on the baby, and even how to swing the baby crib… but he was never taught how to love the little baby… he figured that out all by himself. This video is probably the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen. Watch it below…

I feel so happy watching Charlie and the baby playing together. It’s quite obvious how much the dog cares for the little baby, and I know their friendship will only grow stronger with time. Some people try to get rid of their dogs when they have a baby… they need to know, dogs can be the best babysitters… they will never hurt your baby and protect them even with their own lives. If you train them well, there’s no other animal in the world who can take care of your baby like a dog can.

What do you think of this video? Would you let your dog babysit your kid? Let us know in the comments!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of Charlie The Beagle

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