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This Puppy Traveled Miles and Miles To Get Back Home… Then His Video Was Banned From TV!


Dogs do amazing things for their owners. We have heard numerous stories of dogs who travelled thousands of miles just to get back to their original owners. But, it has never been this much controversial until now. This year for Super Bowl XLIX, a new commercial has been made using the story of a faithful dog… it had all the ingredients to be an instant hit – A heartwarming story, the amazing journey of a little puppy for his master, a beautiful message to convey… but then the advertisement was banned! Why did this happen? The reason might shock you… watch the video below to know why…

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So, this was an advertisement from GoDaddy with a cruel twist! They’ve been known to make controversial advertisements for quite some time… but this one depressed a lot of people, since it shows how inhumanly the woman sold her dog. Puppy mills are not something we all want to see, so its only fitting that the advertisement was banned from the biggest sporting event of the year.

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Video Source: YouTube

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