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A Dog Copies Every Move This Dancer Makes And It’s Beautiful

Lizzy the Border Collie is perhaps one of the most talented dogs of all time! She knows how to dance, and it’s not just jumping around cluelessly like our dogs do all the time… Lizzy is simply the best at what she does! When she and her owner Sandra Roth got on stage at The Open European Championships to show their dancing skills… nobody expected this to happen! This is synchronized dancing at its best… watch their amazing dance performance in the video below…

I’m still at awe after watching this video. It was so beautiful… so graceful! These two had the most amazing chemistry I’ve ever seen! Lizzy is undoubtedly one of the most talented dogs in the world right now! And hats off to her owner Sandra… she definitely put in a lot of hard work to train Lizzy to be this much skilled at dancing, its unbelievable! One thing to be noted, Lizzy is a Border Collie… and these dogs are one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there. Perhaps that explains how she performed all those complex dance moves without even flinching for a second!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of Sandra Roth

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